Jackass Cocktails

Because not everyone wants a beer

  • Sun: 11 AM - 8 PM
  • Mon: 4 PM - 9 PM
  • Tue: 4 PM - 9 PM
  • Wed: 4 PM - 9 PM
  • Thu: 4 PM - 9 PM
  • Fri: 11 AM - 10 PM
  • Sat: 11 AM - 10 PM

With cocktails this good, you may just forget about our unforgettable Jackass beer.

Just because we’re a craft brewery doesn’t mean we don’t know how to make a mean cocktail. We serve only locally distilled alcohol from Big Spring Spirits, and trust us, you’re going to become a fan. Combined with fresh squeezed juices (no syrupy concentrates here) and just a touch of irreverence, you’re going to love our spin on old favorites, and maybe find a few new favorites as well. If you’re a wine drinker, we feature wines from Waltz Vineyards, a national award winning vintner based right here in PA.

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