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All craft beers served at Jackass Brewing Company are brewed on premises in our 7 barrel system using only the freshest ingredients. Want to know how the magic happens? Ask us for an in-depth, 5-minute tour. (Well, unless Larry takes you around. Then your food might get cold.)

Plum Diggity

Sour - 4.2 % ABV

Fifth in the series, a tart plum sour with a hint of hops and a smooth shake like finish. Plum diggity…no doubt!

Mom’s Black Heart

Imperial Fruited Sour - 9.4 ABV

Mom’s Black Heart- Imperial Sour- 9.6% / 29 IBU-  We took our Moms in a Barrel recipe, “soured” it and “fruited” it.  What you get is black currant and blackberry combined with a touch of lemon and honey.  Mom’s Black Heart will warm yours for sure. 

Orphan Annie

New England IPA - 6.2% ABV

Using CaraRed Malt, this one’s for the red-heads! Rich tropical aroma with hints of grapefruit and tangerine, complimented by a soft bitter finish. Complexity and depth for an easy drinking beer.


Moms with Pitchforks

Double IPA - 9.8 % ABV

Sweet, with deep malty flavors. The under-attenuation hides the big ABV that you’d suspect in its malty, citrusy goodness.  **Limited Release

Foggy Doo

New England IPA - 5.4% ABV

A traditional New England IPA with a spotlight on Citra hops. Citra lends a wide range of fruity characteristics including aromas and flavors of lime, grapefruit, orange and mango.

Random Walking Nun

Random Walking Nun

American IPA - 6.4% ABV

A malt forward IPA with hints of pine, passion fruit and citrus. Truly an easy drinker.

Dumb Ass Porter

American Porter - 6.3% ABV

This porter has a toasty, robust front end with a smooth finish. You’ll taste a hint of coffee and chocolate and soon be asking for another.

Westward Ho!

IPA - 5.8% ABV

An homage to our roots when West Coast IPAs were the dominant force in craft beer.  This beer is about the hops- Cascade and Centennial to be exact…..and a fair amount of them.  Early in the boil, in the middle the end and even a dry hop to boot gives this beer a more bitter finish with hints of soft pine and refreshing citrus.

Vanilla Porter

American Porter - 6.3% ABV

This one is for our Dumbass Porter fans!! This porter has a toasty, robust front end with a smooth finish., just like Dumbass, but we added vanilla for a new flavor profile.

Cold Fusion

International Pale Lager - 5.0% ABV

What happens when you mix and IPA and a Lager? You get a Cold Fusion!

This one is Zach’s first recipe creation, and it’s a good one. Crisp and clean like you would expect from a lager, with just the right touch of traditional west coast hoppiness from an IPA.

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

Belgian Wit - 5.7% ABV

This Belgian Wit has an emphasis on lemony citrus notes as well as hints of pepper spice. This wheat centered beer has been dosed with orange peels and coriander to keep it close to its style’s roots.

Juicy Ass

Juicy Ass

New England IPA - 7.4% ABV

Grapefruit, pineapple and melon join in harmony with a sweet grain bill to create a fruity, “juicy”,  New England IPA.

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