Jackass Beer

If it's not a Jackass, I'll have water

All craft beers served at Jackass Brewing Company are brewed on premises in our 7 barrel system using only the freshest ingredients. Want to know how the magic happens? Ask us for an in-depth, 5-minute tour. (Well, unless Larry takes you around. Then your food might get cold.)

Wonkey Donkey

Belgian Trippel - 9.5% ABV

A classic Belgian Trippel with hints of peppery clove balanced with banana and hidden notes of plum & cherry.  It’s f*ckin delicious!


Juicy(er) Ass

New England IPA - 8.2% ABV

Grapefruit, pineapple and melon join in harmony with a sweet grain bill to create a classic New England IPA.

BfASSt Stout

Russian Imperial Stout - 7.2 ABV

Strong Kona & Sumatra coffee and Chocolate blend smoothly together in this one.  Have it at Breakfast time, Lunch time…any time! (Nitro ONLY)

Mules Milk

Mules Milk Stout

Milk Stout - 6.2% ABV

A slick, smooth and creamy finish adds finesse to this roasty milk stout. The malt is the true hero in this one. Available in both Nitro and CO2.

Foggy Doo

Foggy Doo

New England IPA - 5.4% ABV

A traditional New England IPA with a spotlight on Citra hops. Citra lends a wide range of fruity characteristics including aromas and flavors of lime, grapefruit, orange and mango.

Random Walking Nun

Random Walking Nun

American IPA - 6.4% ABV

A malt forward IPA with hints of pine, passion fruit and citrus. Truly an easy drinker.

Dumb Ass Porter (Nitro)

American Porter - 6.3% ABV

This porter has a toasty, robust front end with a smooth finish. You’ll taste a hint of coffee and chocolate and soon be asking for another.

Ruthie's Cousin Wyatt

Ruthie’s Cousin Wyatt

American IPA - 6.4 % ABV

Ruthie’s Challenge to the brewers…Take Two!…Piney, dryer finish, a hint heavier on the maltiness, but in the same hopped up, bitter family! A fresh take on a classic American IPA.

Isn't That Peachy

Isn’t That Peachy

Sour - 4.5 % ABV

Number four of the sour series, this bad boy is sure to make your mouth pucker!  It’s a subtly sweet peach sour with a hint of ginger spiciness on the finish.  Jackass Brewing Company will be donating $1 per every 16 oz of this beer sold to “Going Gold”, a non-profit assisting “Think Big” for Pediatric Cancer!

First Voyage Pils

First Voyage Pils

German Pilsner - 5.8 ABV

First Voyage (Because Columbus brought the “Ass” to America on his first voyage) is a lite and refreshing, traditional German Pilsner with hints of citrus, coriander, and a slight grassiness kick on the finish.

Hazy & Confused

Hazy & Confused

Cashmere and Waimea hops lend lots of flavors to this one with a clean mouthfeel, hints of lemon, tangelo and other juicy citrus!

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