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If it's not a Jackass, I'll have water

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All craft beers served at Jackass Brewing Company are brewed on premises in our 7 barrel system using only the freshest ingredients. Want to know how the magic happens? Ask us for an in-depth, 5-minute tour. (Well, unless Larry takes you around. Then your food might get cold.)

Foggy Doo

New England IPA - 5.4% ABV

A light, refreshing New England IPA which has quickly become a Jackass flagship.  The brewers put a focus on Citra hops adding it 5 different times to showcase its versatility . The hops lends a wide range of fruity characteristics including aromas and flavors of lime, grapefruit, orange and mango.  It’s not wonder Foggy Doo is quickly becoming a “legend”.

Jackass Hard Seltzer

Hard Seltzer - 4.4 ABV

Cold. Crisp. Bubbly. The Jackass Hard Seltzer is PERFECT for drinkers who are looking for a light, refreshing alcoholic beverage. Available in full and half pours only. Flavor options include Mixed Berry or Watermelon.

Kizma Beer - Jackass Brewing Company

KizMa (Irish Ass)

Dry Irish Stout - 5.1% ABV

We’d like to welcome back Kizma, our bold and robust Dry Irish Stout.  Kizma is a black beer that stands out for its distinctive dry-roasted character, courtesy of the finest roasted barley.  Pouring a rich hue, this stout delivers an experience that will captivate your senses.  As you take your first sip you will be greeted by a subtle sweetness from the malt, complemented by delightful hints of coffee and chocolate.

DumbAss Porter

American Porter - 6.3% ABV

A traditional American Porter.  It has a toasty, robust front end with a smooth finish. We taste coffee and chocolate from the roasted malt along with a low to moderate hop bitterness.   You don’t have to be a genius to love a Dumbass!

El Burro

International Pale Lager - 5.2% ABV

Celebrate the rich heritage of rural Mexican life with “El’ Burro,” our homage to the common burro. Crafted in the Mexican style, this lager is a crisp and refreshing choice, boasting a low ABV for easy enjoyment. Our recipe features the sturdy foundation of Maris Otter and Maize, complemented by the delightful touch of Motueka hops, which lend a subtle hint of lime to the brew. Raise a glass with us and say “Salud!” to El’ Burro—a testament to tradition and taste.


Introducing Woody.  Our newest West Coast IPA paying homage to the hard-working lumberman.  For all of you that harken back to the early days of craft brewing and the piney, dank beers of old, Woody was created for you.  Made with loads of all the “C” hops (Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus) and a dose of Simcoe.  When work is done and it’s time for a cold one, make sure you grab a Woody.

Juicy Ass

Juicy Ass

New England IPA - 7.3% ABV

Juicy has the just the right balance of hop bitterness married with malty sweetness.  We taste hints of tangerine, grapefruit and the slightest touch of pineapple with a smooth, full-bodied mouthfeel.  Juicy Ass IPA stands tall as a testament to Jackass Brewing Company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering an unrivaled experience for hop enthusiasts seeking an intense and mouthwatering adventure.

Calamansi Sour

Sour - 4.5 ABV

What the heck is a Calamansi ?!?  Calamansi, alternatively referred to as “calamondin” or “Philippine lime,” has long been a fundamental ingredient in Filipino and Southeast Asian cuisine. Renowned for its distinctively tangy taste, it offers a unique blend reminiscent of lemon, lime, and orange.  Sounds like something we want in our mouth.

It’s Not Yours

Maibock Lager - 6.6 % ABV

Introducing “It’s Not Yours,” a Maibock-style beer that pays homage to a brewing tradition dating back to 1614. Originally crafted as a distinct style, Maibock gained popularity in Bavaria as a refreshing springtime alternative to the richness of traditional bocks.  As you savor “It’s Not Yours,” anticipate a delightful interplay of malt sweetness and hop bitterness, characteristic of the Maibock style.   Distinguished by its amber hue and medium body, “It’s Not Yours” invites you to revel in the centuries-old brewing heritage of Maibock while enjoying a contemporary twist. Embrace the season with this classic yet innovative beer, and remember – this one’s not yours, but it could be your next favorite. Cheers to tradition, innovation, and the spirit of spring in every bottle!

Wonkey Donkey

Belgian Trippel - 9.8% ABV

A tripel refers to a beer that is strong (8-9%) and pale in color.  Originally brewed by Trappist Monks in the lowland of Belgium, our Wonkey Donkey pays tribute to the classic Tripel with hints of peppery clove, balanced with flavors of banana and hidden notes of plum & cherry derived from the classic Belgian yeast.


Veruca ( a Blueberry Saison)

Saison - 6.8% ABV

A Farmhouse Ale meant to be rustic and thirst quenching mixed with a touch of blueberry sounded delicious.  So we stuck our neck out on this one and bring to you our Saison of the Asses….De Bleu.  Our Saison features Belgian Pils and a touch of Vienna malt topped off with Mandarina Bavaria hops to capture the natural fruitiness of this style.

Coming Soon...

Apricot Wheat

American Wheat - 4.9 ABV

Jackass American Wheat, a creation born from the heart of our nation. Crafted with wheat and malt from the very core of our land, this beer is your go-to for a low ABV rebellion with flavor-packed punches.

Cosmic Donkey

New England IPA - 6.9 ABV

We’re on a mission to strike the perfect balance of flavor and aroma in our latest NEIPA. By bringing in Omega Labs Helio Gazer yeast and mixing it with New Zealand hops, we’ve crafted a Stone Fruit flavor bomb that’s packed with guava, mango, and peach.

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