Jackass Beer

If it's not a Jackass, I'll have water

All craft beers served at Jackass Brewing Company are brewed on premises in our 7 barrel system using only the freshest ingredients. Want to know how the magic happens? Ask us for an in-depth, 5-minute tour. (Well, unless Larry takes you around. Then your food might get cold.)

Half Assed - Jackass Brewing Company - Lewisburg

Moms with Pitchforks

Double IPA - 9.80% ABV

Sweet, with deep malty flavors. The under-attenuation hides the big ABV that you’d suspect in its malty, citrus-y goodness. And the name…well that’s a story you want to ask the brewers about.

Albino IPA - Jackass Brewing Company - Lewisburg

Albino IPA

IPA - 6.57% ABV

Too good for words.

Juicy Ass Glass

Juicy Ass

New England IPA - 9.14% ABV

Grapefruit, pineapple and melon join in harmony with a sweet grain bill to create a classic New England IPA.

Donkey Nugget - Jackass Brewing Company - Lewisburg

Donkey Nugget

American IPA - 7.20% ABV

An Amber IPA that brings a taste of the Pacific NW to your glass. Hints of resinous pine, earth and citrus combine to create a satisfying experience.

Shake My Ass - Jackass Brewing Company - Lewisburg

Shake My Ass

Milkshake IPA - 6.73% ABV

Milk sugar adds to the sweetness of this smooth, hazy, New England IPA.

B FASST Stout - Jackass Brewing Company - Lewisburg


Russian Imperial Stout - 8.20% ABV

Brewed with a blend of select coffees and cocoa nibs. You’ll love our robust, complex flavors with a full bodied texture.

Mules Milk - Jackass Brewing Company - Lewisburg

Mules Milk

Milk Stout - 6.5% ABV

A slick, smooth and creamy finish adds finesse to this classic milk stout.

Jackass Brewing Company - Lewisburg

KizMa (Irish Ass)

Dry Irish Stout - 5.38% ABV

Roasted malt give this beer a coffee flavor with hints of chocolate and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, but finishes a little bit drier than a traditional stout.

Foggy Doo glass

Foggy Doo

New England IPA - 6.4% ABV

Some things are better left unsaid.

Random Walking Nun - Jackass Brewing Company - Lewisburg

Random Walking Nun

American IPA - 5.87% ABV

If we told you, we would have to kill you. Just order it, trust us.

Dumb Ass Porter - Jackass Brewing Company - Lewisburg

Dumb Ass Porter

American Porter - 6% ABV

This porter has a toasty, robust front end with a smooth finish. You’ll soon be asking for another.

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